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API Design for C++ ebook

API Design for C++ ebook

API Design for C++. Martin Ry

API Design for C++

ISBN: 0123850037,9780123850034 | 446 pages | 12 Mb

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API Design for C++ Martin Ry
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann

This is a rather accessible look at the . Proper API Design requires testing and verification. There seems to be something elusive about API design that, despite years of progress, we have yet to master. The goal when designing an API is to prevent the amoeba shaking effect - e.g. This is certainly standard practice in both For Nucleus OS, the API call to define a partition pool has the following prototype: STATUS NU_Create_Partition_Pool (NU_PAR 2013 Design And Reuse. Another example: Contrary to the default belief of some I've encountered (and then corrected), Gavin King has never programmed in C++. An anonymous coward just provided a link to API compliance checker. After reviewing hundreds of actual SaaS APIs, many up to par and others distinctly . As a result, APIs are not well designed or properly built and wind up costing both the vendor and its customers tens of thousands of dollars in ongoing maintenance due to infrastructure costs and the drain on engineering resources. Today we are announcing Casablanca, a Microsoft incubation effort to support cloud based client-server communication in native code using a modern asynchronous C++ API design. Prevent each new release to completely destabilize existing usages. Worse, recent APIs implemented in modern programming languages make the same mistakes as their 20-year-old counterparts written in C. Http:// API Design for C++. In C and C++, it can be very convenient to allocate and de-allocate blocks of memory as and when needed. This requires standard unit testing as well, as something special - testing for binary compatibility There is a backward binary compatibility checker for shared libraries in C/C++. No portion of this site may be copied, retransmitted, reposted, duplicated or otherwise used without the express written permission of Design And Reuse.

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